MO985 20X10 5X5.0 G-BLK MACH -18MM



185 in stock

185 in stock

Weight 39.59 lbs
Bolt pattern

Hub bore

Tire width

Wheel brand

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Wheel diameter

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Wheel width

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Moto Metal is a brand of Wheel Pros, which has been an aftermarket wheel distributor for over ten years. The brand prides itself on being built on rule breaking and their lineup of wheels for Jeeps includes chrome, gun metal and black finishes that come in a variety of sizes to fit larger tires. No matter what sort of Wrangler you’re running, Moto Metal wheels add style and a sense of rebellion. Choose from different colors for a bright, vibrant look or something more muted and understated. Moto Metal also carries wheel accessories including lug nuts, installation kits, polishers and cleaners to keep your wheels worthy for trail and street use.


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